3 Books For Building Your Sales Foundation

At a staggering 1070FT, the SalesForce Tower literally towers over the city of San Francisco. The architectural masterpiece is arguably the tallest building West of Chicago and will provide the city with 1.4 million square feet of office space!

However, all of its height, magnificence, and glory wouldn’t be possible without the concrete it sits on, all 49 MILLION pounds of it.

The awe-inspiring Salesforce building sits on a foundation that took 13,000 mixing trucks, 7 pumping trucks, an army of construction workers and 18 hrs of non-stop pouring just to fill. The result, a 14ft thick slab of concrete that is nearly an acre in breadth and one of the biggest and longest concrete pours in history.

An architectural masterpiece that very few would ever see.

Whether it is a skyscraper, a home, a business, a team, a relationship, a marriage or a family they all require a foundation. It is the size and sturdiness of that foundation which is proportionate to the strength and size of the structure that sits on top of it.

When building a sales career, it is the same. If you want to become the best that you can be, you must first build a foundation and the more solid that foundation, the better, stronger, and sturdier you will be.

In order to build this foundation, there are many blueprints you can choose to follow. If you are brave, you can even build through trial and error, however, we are blessed in a day and age where we have unlimited resources to help us learn from others.

3 Books to Build Your Sales Foundation

The following is a list of books that I recommend for building a sturdy foundation for your sales career. While these titles appear in no particular order and there are literally hundreds of amazing titles available, I have purposely kept this list short and selected each book for a specific purpose, each acting as a step for laying a foundation.

How To Win Friends and Influence People – A must read for any person in any career. I believe this book should be required to be read by every student in High School. While its principles are simple in teaching they aren’t practiced enough in society. If every person simply read this book and followed its teachings I can’t help but believe that the World would be a happier and more peaceful place regardless of people’s personal beliefs.

The One Thing – The One Thing teaches exactly what it says in its subtitle “The surprisingly simple truth to extraordinary results.” This book teaches its readers how to take massive ideas and break them down into actionable steps. Think big and start small generate momentum which leads to massive results. Sales people often over complicate, which leads to distraction and poor organization. A sales person who can master the principles of The One Thing early in their career will undoubtedly yield massive results.

No.1 Best Seller – Lee Bartlett has written a masters guide for the sales community. Unlike other sales books, Lee does what few others have. Rather than give rules of thumb, tips, and tricks, Lee tells his story and what he has done to find success. No. 1 Best Seller, goes beyond how a sales person can find success with clients, but also how to progress in their career which is something I have found lacking in other books. I’m convinced that the fastest way to building a lucrative career in sales is to read Lee’s book and design a 5-year plan.

Have a favorite book that helped you build your sales foundation? Share it in the comments below.

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