5 Power Podcasts For Salesmen

A common characteristic between elite closers and top performers is the driving hunger for self-development.

There are several ways we can study our craft and improve in our careers. One of the key ways has always been by reading a good book, however, in the last decade as technology has boomed another resource has emerged…. PODCASTS!

I must admit, up until the last few months I was not a fan of podcasts. I thought they were nothing short of LAME. Why would I listen to some random person rambling about their thoughts and feeling when instead I could listen to music? However, since giving podcasts a try I have become hooked. The reason, I have found an immense amount of knowledge  and value being shared and it’s FREE. Plus I can absorb these valuable insights while I am driving in the car, working out at the gym, or catching up on some admin work.

As I have been exploring the world of podcasting I have come across a few that have been great and some that aren’t too great. Here are 5 of my favorite podcast (in no in particular order) that are loaded with value and have helped me elevate my sales game.

1) The Salesman PodcastWill Barron

The host Will Barron does a fantastic job finding energetic and interesting experts in the world of sales to educate and teach the audience. One of Will’s many talents is his ability to ask interesting questions that lead to answers that are clear and precise. This results in the the audience being able to take immediate action based off what they have learned.

2) The MenteeGeoff Woods

Technically The Mentee isn’t a “sales” podcast, however, Geoff himself started off in medical device sales and the lessons taught are very applicable to everyone. The Mentee documents Geoff’s journey from salesman to successful entrepreneur as he has taken the saying “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” to heart. Using his sales skills he has and understanding how to build personal value, Geoff has developed a multi-million dollar network of mentors. Geoff and his guests teach the audience the importance of relationships and how to find mentors and develop these critical relationships that can springboard anyone into another level of success.

3) Sales Reinvented PodcastPaul Watts

This is a brand new podcast that just launched this week and I have already been very impressed with Paul Watts and his team. Paul is on a mission to change the negative perception of sales and it is that clear defined mission that sets him apart from any other sales podcast on the market. Paul has sought out top talent to interview and bring on the show, exposing sales for the wonderful profession that it is, debunking the negative stereotypes and putting pride into the hearts of every sales person who listens.

4) The Brutal Truth About Sales Brian Burns

Launching his podcast in 2009, Brian Burns has over 271 episodes. Being a seasoned pod-caster Brian has earned 706 five-star ratings on iTunes. “No BS Allowed – Are you sick of empty suits telling you just work harder? – Learn about The Maverick Selling Method, models the world’s best salespeople and what they do differently.” As you can see he is bold, straight forward, and has great content with a variety of interesting guests.


Do you know a great sales related podcast? I would love to hear about it. Leave a comment with your favorite podcast so we can all benefit.



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  1. Thanks, Maxwell. As the producer of the Sales Reinvented podcast with Paul Watts, I couldn’t have expressed the vision and mission any better than you have done in this review. We really appreciate you tuning into the show and we hope that you find great value in the conversations we have with our guests. Cheers, peter.

    1. Hi Scott. Thank you for sharing, I saw your list floating around LinkedIn a week or two ago and was quite impressed! Thank you for sharing it with us here on HMC. And absolutely, I am going to be adding some podcast content in the next month or two!

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