Finding a Champion

Remember when you were prospecting and you found that potential client, the one that made you think “my product was designed specifically for this guy, there is no way they’ll say no”? You did your homework, got through the gatekeeper, and landed 5 minutes with the decision maker. You greeted them with a smile, introduced yourself looking them in the eye, offered a hand-shake (firm of course) and delivered that perfect well-rehearsed intro pitch and… Nothing… instead of their eyes lighting up they had that vacant stare that says “I couldn’t care less, I need to have a talk with the employee that let you in here.”

So what happened? You should be signing this perfect prospect, but instead you’re were left thinking “if only they would give me 15 minutes he would be begging me for my product!”

Next time before you make your BIG pitch take the time to find a champion. What is a champion?


cham·pi·on – noun: a person who fights for a cause or on behalf of someone else

A champion is that person on the inside that is going to be your advocate, the cheerleader that talks your product up before the introduction and before your next appointment.


A champion may be anyone. Often times it is the person whose job you are simplifying or making their life better. If you are selling software to assist with tracking a business’s sales the champion may be an accountant. If you are selling a medical device that will cut costs the champion might be on the hospital’s director, however, if it is a medical device that simplifies a procedure the champion will most likely be the surgeon.

Whatever industries you are in take the time to identify who the champions may be. Next time you find that golden prospect stop and think. Make a list of possible champions and write down how your product will improve their life. Win them and your job just got a thousand times easier.

Who are the champions in your industry? Have a success story of finding a champion and getting the deal? Inspire us and share!

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