Get More Done While on the Road

If you’re in sales and you’re a road warrior, you have got to see this!

First, I’ll share a quick story. A few months ago I was driving to an appointment. I had “Eye of the Tiger” playing and to say the least, I was in the groove. I was mentally prepared and ready to close the prospect I was about to meet. Being excited, I confess I may have been driving 5 miles faster than the recommended speed, then suddenly the upcoming light turned yellow! I was too far away to speed up and make it through the light. I had no choice but to hit the brakes. Sound familiar? If so, then I am sure you know what happened next. My bag, along with my computer, tablet, paperwork, pens, business cards, and marketing materials went flying off the passenger seat and onto the floor of my car. Seriously, talk about a buzz kill! So after I got to my appointment, I had to check my computer to make sure it still worked. Then I had to pick up everything that had fallen. SO IRRITATING!

After closing the deal, I got back in my car, looked around, and saw a total mess of paperwork. I had contracts, applications, and various marketing materials in piles and boxes in my trunk and backseat. I thought “there has to be a better way to do this!” So I got out my phone, hopped on Google, and that is when I discovered AutoExec, and their fantastic Reach Desk!

This thing is AWESOME and I can’t stop telling people about it. Being almost 6’4” comes with a load of problems when you are trying to work out of a car, but lucky for me, the AutoExec team has designed a product with the Road Warrior in mind.

As you can see in the pictures, the desk provides plenty of storage. This gives me a spot to put all my paperwork, brochures, pens, and all the essentials in an easy, accessible, and organized space. It even has a “hidden” compartment for me to store my laptop, tablet, or anything else that I don’t want out in the open when I leave my car. I no longer have my paperwork flying all over the car when I hit the brakes and more importantly, I’m organized. This helps me to be more productive, which results in more revenue for my company and family.

autoexec-deskThe AutoExec reach desk has also provided me with a comfortable place to work when I am in my car. In the past, when I needed to quickly respond to an email or submit a form I had two options. One, find a coffee shop where I could work and deal with the noise and waste of time of finding a place to sit. Or two, I could pull over and try and get the job done with my laptop between me and the steering wheel. As I mentioned before, I am nearly 6’4” and being able to place my laptop between me and the wheel is no easy task. I no longer have to deal with these issues. With the reach desk, it is easy and convenient for me to park anywhere and get work done. Honestly, with two noisy little boys at home and with the Reach Desk, it isn’t uncommon for me to park in front of our house to get work done rather than work in my home office.

autoexec-desk-fileIn short, I highly recommend the Reach Desk from AutoExec. Thanks to this product, I am more organized, I never lose paperwork, and I always have the right flyer or contract handy. It’s ergonomically designed as well, so I can work literally anywhere, which saves me time so I can focus more on selling, closing deals, and making money.

AutoExec products can be found at many large retailers including Walmart and online at Amazon. For a full line of their products visit


I have included several other AutoExec products from Amazon for your convenience. With the holidays coming up these make great gifts, for you or your team. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me and I would be happy to help in any way!

*This product is not to be used while driving, and sole purpose is to be used while the car is in park and stationary.

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  1. I like your suggestions. Being organized is one of the crucial skills needed to be confident and sell your product. I am going to recommend these options to my sales and office team. Well done!

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