How To Crush Any Opponent In 2017

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2017 is here and for many that means a new year of a sales, new quota, and an opportunity to make a new name for themselves. Although this is written in the spirit of a new year, it’s lessons are applicable at anytime.

How do you crush your opponent? The answer is stupidly simple.

Care more. Genuinely care more than your opponent and you will secure the deal.

How do you care more? Here are some suggestions from the pros:

  • Plan Better – As James Muir puts it “Sales planning is strongly correlated with sales success”
  • Develop Yourself & Seek Knowledge – Who are you more likely to buy from; the guy who spends his free time playing video games, or the person who is seeking knowledge? If you aren’t investing in yourself, why should someone else invest in you? Michael Spencer recently asked his network “what are your recommended best free online marketing courses?” and received loads of ideas. Check out that thread here. I recommend The Sales Experts Channel
  • Do your homework – Take the time to appreciate your prospect. This is the person who is potentially putting food on your plate! Research their business. Get on yelp and social media. Connect or follow them on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram. This isn’t “social stalking,” it is showing you care about them and their business.
  • Connect with your prospect on Social Media – Start by sharing relevant content from other contributors before your own (establish yourself as an expert). In Jack Kosakowski words, “You have to be more visible, valuable, and connected to your buyers than any of your competitors. You need to be giving value at a mass scale to a targeted number of buyers six months before they even know they are going to buy your product.”
  • Seek to build a relationship – Don’t just believe me, here is what Tony Hughes said in his recent post regarding top performers. “They connect, whatever it takes – no matter what. They get to the target. They get on-site – in the arena. The best thing that can happen to you is “live human interaction.” Everything else is going through the motions: a massive waste of time.”
  • Go the extra mile – Jeb Blount gives some creative advice on how to connect with prospects through text messaging.
  • Be Genuine – Become a “decision coach” as Deb Calvert puts it. “Help your buyers discover their own reasons to buy your product and to buy in to what you’re offering. This is when it becomes a “no brainer” decision, one that is so obvious, easy and natural that they buyer won’t be able to say “no.”

These are just a few suggestions on how you can care more than your opponent. If you have a specific method that works for you, please leave a comment. I would love to learn from you!

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