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Daniel is the founder of the extremely popular Sales Blog, The Daily Sales. He has brought together a massive (150k+) sales people that follow his comical sales memes and content.


If you knew then what you know now, what would you tell yourself going into your first sales job?
Find the best sales person and learn from them. This is probably the best advice I think anyone starting in sales can take as it’s the best way to learn. Books, blogs, training is all good but the best people are those in your company or industry crushing it right now!


In your opinion, what are the top 3 skills a sales rep should develop? 
Confidence in self, product and sales process, an ability to self-motivate and accountability. Confidence is key to succeed in sales, self-motivation is required to push through challenges and accountability is key to learn, develop and adapt.


Do you feel Millennials are given a bad reputation and have you ever felt discriminated by older generations for being a Millennial?
Millennials are given a bad reputation although, for the most part, they have earned it. Whilst I know the world needs to adapt, on equal measure millennials need to adapt as well. Personally, I’ve never been discriminated but I’ve seen it happen a lot. It often boils down to patience and whether a company is patient enough to adapt.


If yes, how have you overcome that challenge of having older generations talk to you condescendingly? 
Whilst it hasn’t affected me personally, the way I would overcome it is to prove them wrong with facts/success or alternative show an eagerness to learn.


What has been the biggest thing you have learned since launching The Daily Sales?
The power, and I mean huge power, of social media. From being a traditional sales person to suddenly having global opportunities and being connected with the leading industry minds is invaluable. You’re no longer limited to those in your office, you can connect with people around the world, learn, develop, grow, exchange ideas and network with endless possibilities. 


Do you think all Millennial Sales reps should be developing an online personal brand?
One million percent yes! Building a personal brand builds personal confidence, encourages self-learning, creates sales opportunities and allows role growth.


If they could only pick one medium to master which should it be? i.e. Blog, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook ect.?

Personally, I would choose LinkedIn. It’s the largest professional network with the most amount of professional industry relevant content. You can network, create a personal brand, blog, prospect, research, for sales people it offers the most of any single social network, in my opinion.

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