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Max is the Founder & CEO of Sales Hacker Inc., a media company that produces, the Sales Hacker Series events, and the Sales Hacker Conferences (Sales Stack & Sales Machine).

If you knew then what you know now, what would you tell yourself going into your first sales job?

Max: Be patient and work hard. There’s really no substitute. But if you do what you like doing, and buy into the mission, it shouldn’t feel like “work” at all.

In your opinion, what are the top 3 skills a sales rep should develop? 

Max: Compassion (better than empathy), organization/discipline, inquisitive/analytical

What are some examples of how a sales reps made their manager’s lives easier? (outside of their role)

Max: Customer discovery. All frontline reps have their fingers on the pulse of what the buyers are thinking. Use them to create a better product, experience, or even marketing awareness.

Do you feel Millennials are given a bad reputation and have you ever felt discriminated by older generations because of it?

Max: No. There are always haters for one reason or another. Usually, it has more to do with them hating themselves than it does with anything you’ve done. I feel bad for them.

If yes, how have you overcome that challenge of having older generations talk to you condescendingly? 

Max: Win

What has been the biggest thing you have learned since launching SalesHacker?

Max: Oh man. So much. Mainly, test everything to take calculated risks instead of just jumping in with a cannonball.

Do you think all Millennial Sales reps should be developing an online personal brand?

Max: Yes definitely. So many resources and platforms. It can’t really hurt unless you have no social awareness. But then, you shouldn’t be in sales anyway.

If they could only pick one medium to master which should it be? i.e. Blog, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook ect.?

Max: LinkedIn for sure. Most targeted. Twitter was relevant and prob still is, but less for sales. Way more for start-ups. Insta is coming up. FB is still very personal.

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