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Will Barron is the creator and host of the award winning Salesman Podcast.
If you knew then what you know now, what would you tell yourself going into your first sales job?

I’d tell myself to plan a 10 year stint, spend as little as possible and aim to semi retire/become financially independent. If this makes your eyes light up read – The Millionaire Next Door and Unshakeable (Tony Robbins).

In your opinion, what are the top 3 skills a sales rep should develop? 

The ability to build rapport with people quickly in both planned and non planned encounters. The understanding that you control, shape and build your personal brand when you make a conscious effort to do so. There’s plenty of skills that help with this but just making a conscious effort is the first step. A deep understanding of the business problems that your customers have. Not the problems that your product solves, but the problem that the company itself is trying to fix for THEIR customers.

What are some examples of how a sales reps made their manager’s lives easier? (outside of their role)

When I worked in medical device sales I was terrible for making promises internally and not keeping them but in the same breath doing anything I could to help my customers.

I didn’t appreciate the importance of your internal personal brand for your career. People who are known, liked and trusted win the deal but they also win the promotions.

If you agree to do a sales report, go to a meeting or babysit your managers kid, turn up and act as professional as if you were doing the same for a customer.

What has been the biggest change in your mindset since starting the podcast? 

The biggest change I’ve made is cliche but it’s now something I focus on with every business activity I do.

It’s the shift from trying to take money from people by giving them a great service after the deal is closed, to giving a million dollars of value up front and understanding that this comes back to you long term.

Do you think all Millennial Sales reps should be developing and online personal brand?

YES! It’s nothing to do with working in sales, it’s for dating, your girlfriend’s grandparents googling you, the vet searching to see if you’re suitable to adopt that dog. EVERYTHING.

If you don’t control your online presence then someone else does and that’s not a position in or out of business anyone should allow themselves to be in.

If they could only pick one medium to master which should it be? i.e. Blog, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook ect.?

It depends what the sales persons goal is. If they’re trying to get in front of their customers then I’d you’re selling to programmers get on Twitter.

If you’re selling to farmers get off the internet, get a tweed jacket and ride on down to a local tractor expo and shake some hands.

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