Mother’s Day Tribute – 3 Lessons My Mother Taught Me About Sales

Ever so often we have days that leave such a lasting impression on our memories, that when reflected upon even years later they are as clear as if they had happened just the day before.

One of these memories began on a beautiful spring day in 2008. It was Sunday and the morning was hectic I was late getting ready, so I took a separate car to church. As I sat next to my mother in the pew  I looked at her face and noticed one side appeared numb and droopy. A few hours later we were notified that my mom at the age of 53 my mom had suffered a stroke.

Over the next several years, my mother’s example would reinforce the many powerful life lessons she had taught me in since my youth. These lessons have helped me grow and achieve success in all facets, especially in my professional sales career.

1, Always be positive – After my mother suffered her stroke there were several days of uncertainty. I remember visiting her in the hospital and even in her frail state she remained grateful and her gratitude sponsored a positive attitude.

In sales we have good and bad days. My mother’s example taught me that even in the worst of times and during the hardest days we can find things to be grateful for. It is in our gratitude that we can stay positive despite whatever rejection or challenges being faced.

2. Be Kind to Everyone – With my mom’s positive nature, naturally she is kind to everyone she meets treating everyone with respect. Perhaps this is why our house served as a safe haven hangout for rowdy teenage boys to play video games and debate sports.

Treating everyone with respect and kindness has served me many times in sales. When walking into a business for the first time you never know who will become your champion and advocate. Often times the person who is overlooked can become the most powerful ally, so be kind to the gatekeeper or the seemingly unimportant employee, they may just happen to be the owners niece or nephew.

3. Make improvements, even little ones each day – Before her stroke my mom was a great pianist. I grew up listening to her play and teach others with master skill. After her stroke even the simplest of tunes became a challenge. Each day my mom practiced, retraining her mind how to move her hands and fingers. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, months to years, and now my mother can play Beethoven and Chopin again.

Excellence doesn’t happen overnight, it is developed each day through little victories and triumphs. Rather than trying your best self overnight, focus on specific actions that can be controlled each day. Set goals, plan to achieve the goal, and measure the progress daily. Overtime you can achieve anything.

This Mother’s Day, and with every Mother’s Day to come, reflect on the lessons you’ve learned from your Mother and share those lessons with others. Mothers and our motherly figures are the greatest teachers we have and we can never be too grateful for the sacrifices they have made in order to teach us these lessons.

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