Being Perpetually Hungry – Q&A With Patrick Tinney is on a mission to help you jump from mediocre, to becoming the top 5% in their industry. In order to make this leap it takes continual self-development and study. To help, we have asked Patrick Tinney, author of “Perpetual Hunger: Sales Prospecting Lessons & Strategy” to give us the inside scoop on his new book and how it can help Millennial and all sales professionals achieve their goals.

1)  Why do you think “Perpetual Hunger: Sales Prospecting Lessons & Strategy” is a sales book that will interest Millennial?

It is just tougher to sell today than when I grew up in sales in what I can only describe as a Sellers’ Market.  This means there were too many buyers of goods and not enough sellers.  Most great products and services were consumed by a market with an endless thirst.  This mindset I would argue persisted from WWll to about the year 2000.  Then the market started to show early signs of a Buyers’ Market where there were too many sellers and not enough buyers.  This was further complicated by internet search, databases and buyers ability to know everything about our products before we even opened a conversation with a prospective new client.  In 2008 the Buyers’ Market got even tougher when the financial collapse happened world-wide and Fortune 500 companies really cut back on buying and focused on cost saving.  These same companies took their estimated $1.8 Trillion dollars in capital expenditure budgets and just started to save this money to bolster their balance sheets.  This meant that more and more young sales people had to figure out how to eat someone else’s market share rather than counting on new expenditure budgets just flowing into the market.  The market was not growing so young sales professionals had to work super hard to overtake a competitor and assume their spot at the buyer’s budget expenditure table.  Today competition is 24/7 and it is relentless!  Millennials cannot be highly successful by just being good at selling.  They have to be superior at what I call “chasing smart money” and closing the deal before anyone else seizes the opportunity.  Perpetual Hunger was written for sales professionals and entrepreneurs who want to take their sales prospecting game from good to superior.

2) Why did you write “Perpetual Hunger in Lesson Format?

Millennials that I observe want to learn smarter, faster and better.  My belief that writing a sales book in short tight, actionable lessons meant that I was communicating to Millennials the way they naturally consume information.  It also meant that Perpetual Hunger could be read in any direction depending on the users need for quick digestible information.  If you have a really big opportunity you want to close out on this new money as fast as possible.

3) What drove you to write “Perpetual Hunger”?

I received an e-mail last fall from Geneva, Switzerland from Tamer Hegazy, Global Minister Entrepreneurship, with the United Nations.  Tamer asked to meet with me in Toronto where he was delivering speeches and meeting with a select group of Canadian business professionals.  Over lunch Tamer challenged me to write a book for all of the white-collar workers who were being downsized out of corporations and having to reinvent themselves as entrepreneurs.  This was just too big of a challenge to turn down.

4) What point of difference does “Perpetual Hunger” provide?

Most authors in my category do not load up there books with exercises.  I did.  Perpetual Hunger has 12 exercises that readers/users can fill in using the examples I supply.  It means Perpetual Hunger is an educational experience.  It is a workbook and it is a reference book all in one.  Secondly, I don’t believe in sales prospecting formulas.  As sales professionals and entrepreneurs we are all so different.  Education, culture, work experience, income and family all make us quite unique.  I realized this and decided to offer numerous lessons on the philosophy around sales prospecting so the read/user could select the ideas from these lessons that resonated with them most and then put them to work right away in an honest,  personal and believable manner. It’s all about building a personal coat of armour that brings out our best and most confident self, brimming with perpetual sales hunger.

5) How would you like readers to consume and use “Perpetual Hunger”?

I want readers to write all over their copy of Perpetual Hunger.  Read this book with a highlighter and pen in hand.  This will help imbed the lessons in Perpetual Hunger that you empathize with and can action immediately.  Secondly, complete all of the exercises. Rank your answers within each exercise.  Sit with a business colleague you trust and have them read your work and search for even greater improvement.  Thirdly, start working with your new sales prospecting skills immediately.  Start by working on your own friend or family network if you need a low risk environment to enrich this experience.  The important message is that if you don’t pick a starting point and get running with Perpetual Hunger lessons you are leaving money on the table for your competitors.  Get hungry!  Finally, as you read, learn, analyze and visualize yourself making great new customer contacts and growing wonderful new business relationships.  Finally,  remember to be your own best friend.  Be honest with yourself but do not beat yourself up.  We all make mistakes and we learn from each call we make.  We all had to start somewhere on the road to perpetual sales hunger and greater long-term wealth.

About Patrick -Author, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Entrepreneur, Consultant

Patrick Tinney is the Founder of Centroid Training and Marketing, a consulting firm working to help organizations and entrepreneurs make and save money through consultative selling, sales prospecting and business negotiation training.

Prior to Centroid, Patrick held various corporate sales and management positions at The Southam Newspaper Group, Hollinger Inc. and CanWest Media. Over his 30 year career Patrick has concluded multi-million dollar media sales and negotiation solutions for many of Canada’s largest advertisers. As an expert on the topic of sales and negotiation techniques and trends, Patrick is frequently published in online and print business journals.

1) In 2014, Patrick launched his first book Unlocking Yes: Sales Negotiation Lessons & Strategy
2) In 2016 Patrick launched his second book Perpetual Hunger: Sales Prospecting Lessons & Strategy
Brian Tracy speaking of “Perpetual Hunger” said “This is an excellent book on successful selling – practical, helpful and fast-acting. Read it. Practice it. Boost your income immediately.”

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