#SalesSchool – Thor, Paul Smith, & Stories That Sell

In this episode of the HMC #SalesSchool I get on video chat with Paul Smith, author of Sell with a Story.

Paul is a popular keynote speaker and corporate trainer in leadership and storytelling techniques, a former executive and 20-year veteran of The Procter & Gamble Company, and bestselling author of three books: 1) Lead with a Story, 2) Parenting with a Story, 3) Sell with a Story.

His work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Forbes, Fast Company, The Washington Post, PR News, CIO Magazine, Investors Business Daily, Marketing Research Magazine, the American Banking Journal, and London’s Edge Magazine, among others.

What Do Thor, Batman, and Spiderman Have to Do With Sales?

Check out my personal conversation with Paul where I ask how I can effectively improve my story telling and lead to more closed deals.

Here is a previous post contributed by Paul where he shares the 25 most useful stories in sales. http://helpmeclose.com/the-25-most-useful-sales-stories/

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