The 5 Ways to Rescue Yourself From Automation

In a world of rapid technological advances, it seems that every day a shiny new toy is claiming to help sales and marketing reach more people. Automatically capture email, automatically grow your social network, automatically respond to message, artificial intelligence and etc…Beware of the automation trap.

“As technology improves and automation becomes increasingly more rampant, the importance of personalization equally increases.” Click to Tweet
This is true in our emails to prospects and likewise how we interact with others across social media.

Here are 5 ways to rescue yourself from the automation trap and add a personal touch to your brand

1. Send Personalized Connection Requests on LinkedIn
If you are in B2B Sales, odds are you are on LinkedIn. A major complaint from many platform users is the lack of personalized connection requests. Next time you send a connection request, take a few extra seconds and type in a personalized message. If you are using the mobile app this post with video will show you how
Not every person you cross paths with on LinkedIn will understand the importance of sending personalized requests, however, this doesn’t leave you off the hook. When receiving a connection request without personalization take the high road by accepting the connection and sending a personalized message. 
By taking the time to know your audience you will have higher conversion rates and higher engagement.
2. Interact With Your Audience

This one is simple: respond to comments as often as possible and encourage conversation. Gary Vaynerchuck does a great job doing this through his live Q&A sessions across multiple social platforms. One of the keys to growing a brand and closing more sales, is knowing your audience. The best way to know your audience is to interact with them. 

3. Utilize the Power of Research 
With the invention of the internet and the boom of social media you can find out research almost anything online from events, businesses, to people. Spend a little time and research your audience, clients, and prospects. Being prepared can go a long way and be a key differentiator between you and a competitor.
4. Go Old School
Send a hand written letter: As technology improves, this method of communication becomes more and more effective. Think, when was the last time you received a hand-written letter? It was most likely from a close friend or family member, so by sending a hand-written letter you are automatically going to be associated with that group of close friend or family member.
5. Take Advantage of Video
Creating videos has never been easier. Many cell phones can shoot video in 4K and you can upload to YouTube with a single click of a button.  Companies like Vidyard are making it even easier to send a personalized video straight through email with their free Chrome Extension ViewedIt. This is a great tool to get a prospect’s attention or to send a follow-up video. PLUS you can receive notifications when your video has been viewed. How cool is that!
There is nothing wrong with using technology to become more efficient and speed along processes. However, like most things used in excess automation can do more harm than good. When combined with personalization it can become a powerful tool in developing a brand and connecting with more prospects.
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