Unlocking Relationships – 4 Steps to Blast-Off Your Network

This is part 2 of a 2 part post. In part 1 I shared 8 Steps to unlocking LinkedIn and being able to connect with anyone. Here in part 2, I will address what to do with those connections to make them exponentially more valuable.

When developing relationships the first half of the battle is getting individuals to connect with you, the second part strengthening the relationship and taking a conversation from social media to the phone. (Unless they have their phone number listed and you just call!) Real business is done over the phone or in person. Here are some guidelines and tips that have helped me connect with some of the biggest names in the sales community.

  1. “Ask a question that only they can answer” – Shout out to my younger brother who said this to me. This has been a CRITICAL step in developing real, meaningful relationships. When you ask a question that only they can answer you are able to discover what they care about. These are questions like “What are you working on this week that gets you excited?” “What brings you to LinkedIn?” “What is one thing you are working on that is causing you stress and how can I help?” These questions will allow you to learn about them and how to come from a place of value.
  2. Come from a place of Value- All relationships are based on value, the trick is knowing yourself and learning how to bring value to others. You can bring value to ANYONE! This is why you need to ask questions that only they can answer, it will give you insights on how you can help them and add value. This has opened so many doors for me professionally and has helped me exponentially strengthen the value of my network.
  3. Be grateful– You can never be too grateful for someone giving you their time. Even if it is something little like sharing your content, or liking your article, say thank you. When appropriate and possible, send them a card in the mail, yes the physical mail. This is a great way to show appreciation because think about it, when was the last time you received a hand-written card? It was probably from a parent, relative, or close friend. So if you send a card to someone you are automatically putting yourself into a higher caliber relationship.
  4. Follow Up – It’s 2017 and people are easily distracted. Their attention is pulled in multiple directions by their job, family, friends, twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, ect. Just think about how many times your phone goes off each day. So don’t take it personally when someone doesn’t respond right away. Be persistent and follow-up.

Quick side story on this – Geoff Woods, prior to becoming the CEO of THE ONE THING, was a medical device sales executive who decided to find mentors and step up his game. As he sought out mentors he met Jay Papasan and followed these steps to develop the relationship. After periodically following up with Jay and asking “what are you working on and how can I help?” Geoff learned that Jay was looking for a CEO to run his publishing company for The One Thing. Initially, Geoff offered to introduce Jay to some potential candidates, but after speaking with Jay, Geoff realized he wanted the position and through his name in, got the job, and just like that he had changed his life! To hear this story in Geoff’s words check out THE ONE THING PODCAST EPISODE 1

Beware of limiting beliefs

“This person would never want to talk with me,” “they are too busy to help someone like me.” ” They are a CEO, they don’t talk to sales people” “This person has millions of dollars, I can’t bring any value to them,” “I don’t have enough experience and would embarrass myself if I tried talking to them.”

Do any of these sound familiar? These are limiting beliefs. They are the voice in your head telling you what you can and can not do. I am here to tell you, they aren’t true!

Do NOT believe the limiting beliefs!

Take Action

Now is the time to take action. If you are on the fence, pick a side and go for it. What are you going today to strengthen your network?

What are the thoughts running through your mind as I say “take action!”? These thoughts are the limiting beliefs stopping you from taking your career to the next level. I know, because I have been there.

If you are struggling, connect with me on LinkedIn or shoot me an email contact@helpmeclose.com – I want to help you live your dream and have the career that you deserve.

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