Unlocking Yes: Sales Negotiation Lessons & Strategy | Q&A With Author Patrick Tinney

Helpmeclose.com is on a mission to help you jump from mediocre to becoming the top 5% of your industry. In order to make this leap, it takes continual self-development and study. To help, we have asked Patrick Tinney, author of Unlocking Yes: Sales Negotiation Lessons & StrategyPatrick also authored Perpetual Hunger: Sales Prospecting Lessons & Strategy which we discussed with Patrick in an earlier post found HERE.

1) How does “Unlocking Yes: Sales Negotiation Lessons & Strategy” help Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace? 

A) Great question.  “Unlocking Yes” is one of the few sales negotiation books that has been written from a post-2008 perspective when global financial markets crashed.  The crash forced large Fortune 500 corporations to dramatically change their normal buying practices which resulted in huge capital expenditure budget cuts. In essence, the market went bone dry.  There were too many sellers chasing too few buyer dollars.  We call this condition a Buyers’ market.  Sellers do not respond well to a Buyers’ market and for many Sellers big time discounting of their products and services became the norm in efforts to gain market share.  “Unlocking Yes” addresses this with 50+ lessons to help Sellers “gird the loins” and sell based on value rather than on a commoditized basis. 

2) Why did you place so much emphasis on negotiation strategy in “Unlocking Yes”

A) When I started my company Centroid Training nine years ago, I always believed there was a hole in the sales market and it had to do with sales negotiation strategy. I have asked thousands and thousands of sales professionals and entrepreneurs how they view their efficacy in negotiation.  I always ask them “On a scale of 1 to 10…10 being the highest score.  How do you rate yourself as a business negotiator?”  The answer on average is “6.5 to 7.5 out of 10.” I congratulate all those I query on their superior skills.  I then ask them “Sounds like you are winning the majority of your business negotiations.  Question.  How many negotiation strategies can you name and when do you use them?”  The answer is a startling “I know one or I don’t know any strategies. I just figure it out or I wait to see what the other side does and I become a counter puncher.”  To me, this is a huge reality disconnect.  I am absolutely certain professional buyers and procurement officers would answer this question much differently.  Buyers have made a point of outpacing sellers in acquiring cutting-edge negotiation skills sets.

3) You focus a lot on risk throughout “Unlocking Yes”…Why? 

A) When important negotiations are on the table, we want to take away as much negative risk as possible.  We do this by studying our bargaining partner on the widest possible basis.  If we know there are topics that turn our negotiation partner off and they are not important to the negotiation, stay away from these topics. On the other hand, we want to raise positive risk.  By this I mean, what if we start negotiating on a core piece of business and through the negotiation process we discover greater mutual interests. If these new interests can be pulled into the negotiation creating greater opportunity for both sides, why wouldn’t we?

4) How do you characterize yourself as a sales negotiator?

A) I am what is known as a bigger piece of the pie negotiator.  By this I mean, I always want to conclude great deals with my negotiation partner that satisfies their objectives and strengthens our relationship.  On the other hand, I want to negotiate the most profitable and expansive deal I can for our side of the negotiation.

5) Why do you believe creativity is so important in today’s business world?

A)   In important negotiations, creativity is what separates pedestrians from professional negotiators.  Professional sales negotiators realize that important deals demand profound planning and creativity to open flood-gates to great opportunity and wealth.

About Patrick -Author, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Entrepreneur, Consultant

Patrick Tinney is the Founder of Centroid Training and Marketing, a consulting firm working to help organizations and entrepreneurs make and save money through consultative selling, sales prospecting and business negotiation training.

Prior to Centroid, Patrick held various corporate sales and management positions at The Southam Newspaper Group, Hollinger Inc. and CanWest Media. Over his 30 year career Patrick has concluded multi-million dollar media sales and negotiation solutions for many of Canada’s largest advertisers. As an expert on the topic of sales and negotiation techniques and trends, Patrick is frequently published in online and print business journals.

1) In 2014, Patrick launched his first book Unlocking Yes: Sales Negotiation Lessons & Strategy
2) In 2016 Patrick launched his second book Perpetual Hunger: Sales Prospecting Lessons & Strategy

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